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Cmon aussie Cmon

Group Founder: rum_pig
Description: A place for all us aussies to chat
Group Type: Public join
Members: 312
Category: Countries > General

Topics (48)

go Where in oz [54] rum_pig
Where in oz are yous from

go Sunshine Coast n Brissy Ppl (4) j0dz
Leave ya mark here n tell us where bouts on the Coast or Brissy ur from n lets make sm new friends....cheers :-)

go infiltration (8) crzygrlx
the biograghy of detective involved in the underbelly story, i recently cast my eyes thru it, has any1 else read it? and if so did u also get the impression our mr plod force was protected frm exposur...

go Favourite Australian songs (9) rum_pig
Wats your 5 favourite ozzy songs. Mine are .flame trees cold chisel1. Workin class man jimmy barnes2. Its a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll acdc3. Devil inside by Proper inxs4. We cant b...

go WA (5) goodboy3
anyone from WA?

go Things that get ya down. (4) webbman
Ya womman when she treats ya like cr*p, puts ya down, tells ya to pack up and get out and wont listen to anything ya say. Shall I give up and walk away? Yes or No

go Female buds (0) mrkoul

go Adelaide People (3) missimoo
Hey there, just wondering if there are any Adelaideans out there?

go tassie (1) kyle69
Any tassie ppl here

go Heya Kiwis an aussies (3) 66chev
Leave ya mark

go group (1) kyle69
Hey guys and girls you know for a site for us aussie's there's not many replies to topics. You'd think more people would be interested in there own group. Come on peoples pull your finger out so...

go Ok aus (1) kyle69
Hey all you ppls this site honestly needs to get a groove happening try and visit other countrys groups you can see they love where they live and are proud of it but when i come here well m...

go Perth MUM (1) munchken
21 f mum of two looking for friends, / a gf, whatever comes my way..

go Free gaming console (0) mangekyu
An internet site is givin away free consoles to people who join and give a certain amount of referals, to get any console you want sign up to get a ps3, s...

go Friends of shellybeach (1) mombasa9
Hi give us an idea or 2 on how we can dispose plastics & used tires


Polls (3)

go john howard is a
go worst city in australia
go best beer in australia

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